Saturday, September 27, 2008


We have decided to move yet again.  I know crazy.I believe this is our fifth move. this will be our sixth home that Danny and I have lived in. For those of you who are tired of changing your address book we send our deepest apologies.  I don't know why I am always moving around my family thinks I am crazy, I am sure. So in one week we will be moving a few blocks into a bigger home that costs less than we pay now and is only a block away from a ton of our close friends that we have here in Arizona.  when your baby doesn't fit in her bassinet any more and you don't have any room for a crib it's time to move. I am so excited to be able to put up pictures and decorate a little bit better in a home that is plain and not all ready decorated. I can't wait!  I just hope I have the energy to move all our crap. I will probably be addicted to sugar free red bull by the time we are moved in! (If you have never had sugar free red bull try it.)

Danny's luau

Dan's party was awesome. We had so much fun playing games. I got a chocolate fountain and we dipped all kinds of treats into chocolate, it was really fun. We also had virgin pina coladas (Danny's favorite) We decoratedt the house with Hawaiian everything and ever one got a lei as they entered the party. I decorated the back yard with tikkie torches and tropical fish.


Maack came home after being at a friends house and was so excited about the chocolate fountain that he decided to just go for it and stick his tongue in there! Good thing every one was done. Dan's cake had a lei on it. Thanks to everyone that came it was really fun sharing this special milestone in Danny's life with all of you.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Camping in Sedona

This last weekend we went camping with our friends the Klienman's. Their family owns a cabin in Sedona Arizona. They have four little boy that Maack likes to reefer to as his brothers. They get along like it too. All of the boys got to go fishing and we had so much fun just hanging out and playing games. There was a creek that runs through the property and it made the trip even more amazing. We went on a fun little day hike and really enjoyed the scenery.  It was really nice to be able to have friends for Maack to play with the whole time. There are picture of maack and I in what used to be an old refrigerator for this hotel. Then Maack is in a chicken coup. I would have loved to have seen this hotel when it was up and running. There was an amazing pool there too that was right under a cliff it was so beautiful.  Thanks again to the Klienman's for inviting us we will always remember out fun break from the heat. We had a blast!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy 30th birthday Danny boy!

It was Danny's birthday so we sang every birthday song that we knew and we woke him up with a cup cake cake that Maack had picked out him self from the store, the day before. I think Maack had a little bit more fun with the whole birthday experience. Maack ended up eating most of the cake too. We all sang happy birthday (like 20 times) and had a great morning filled with sugar. 
 The night before it had rained so that morning Maack helped me decorate Danny's truck with oreo's and streamers. Maack had a blast licking all of the cookies and sticking them on dad's truck. He still asks if we can do it again. I don't think Danny was super thrilled to have to go to the car wash on his birthday and have everyone looking at him as he drove around, heheee. Later that day Maack was invited to a birthday party at chuck E Cheese's so we all went as a family and played games and had even MORE sugar. I hope Danny had a good birthday. We are getting so old it's weird to me that I am married to some one who is thirty. Happy Birthday babe we love you!

Friday, September 19, 2008

4TH of July

We flew to Washington for the fourth of July to visit with Danny's family, while we were there we blessed Sienna it was a wonderful trip we had a blast!  My parents drove from Utah to be there for Sienna's blessing, thanks so much mom and dad for being there on this special day. 
 So the fourth of July is so much fun at the Henricksen farm, we make a ton of yummy food. We swim. We light fireworks for what seems like three days. We ride the scooter and go on walks.  The girls always escape and go shopping. The siblings always have discussions with out hating one another when it's over. I love how easy going/ fun Danny's family is. Maack loves the abundance of boy cousins to play with. I truly lucked out and married into the most amazing family. I love them all! I imagine this is what heave is like every time I am there.

Thursday, September 11, 2008



  Today I was able to leave Maack at a friend's home for  a few hours and go to lunch with Danny,(Sienna tagged a long). We went lunch at this great sushi place called Taka matsu and it was awesome! The best sushi I have ever had before. It was so much fun to sit and Just talk with Danny. It feeels like we never get to do that any more he has been swamped with work putting in 14 hour days these last two weeks and studying his buns of for the DAT. I didn't realize how much attention Maack needs. Oh and the sushi bites were Huge. Yummy yummy I love sushi and If you don't I think this place just might change your mind. Happy Birthday baby I am so glad to have been able to have a really fun date with you. 
 Maack is painting a picture for his dad's birthday and was a big helper today with the sign we made for Danny's party and birthday.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

random kid pictures

These are just a few picture that I love. they are a little old but I love them and I wanted to share and show you some of what my day is like. enjoy!

arrrggghhh Matte

Pirate party for Boston

Maack was invited to his friend Boston's third birthday party. His mom my friend Janece is so creative she had a treasure hunt with gold coins, sword fighting, even walking the plank and at the end each kid got to collect gold coins! Maack had a blast being a pirate or captain Hook as he liked to be called. We had fun and even ran into one of Danny's old roommates wives who we have not seen in years. It's crazy how small the mormon world is. Thanks Janece for hosting a party with a bunch of three year olds you are so brave and crafty. 
 Sienna had some fun with the mustache too okay we all did hehehee.


Recently we went to San Diego for my sister Abbey's wedding. We got to meet my Brother Brady and my sister in-laws  new little girls Lucia Ruby and Elsa pearl.  Brady and Merredith are two of the most laid back people I know so they can handle twins. I would not do so well, I think. They are twins of course and they were born July 14th, which makes them about one month old in this picture. Sienna was three months old and looks HUGE compared to them. I love how Sienna is locking arms with Lucia I think that is Lucia. I am so happy that my side of the family finally has more kids for Maack and Sienna to play with. This is Brady and Meredith's second set of twin girls they have two other adorable and hilarious girls named Julia and Gabriella. The older girls are eight and I hear they are a Big help. I only hope Brady can get away for some guy nights every once in a while poor guy. I am sure he is used to it growing up with three younger sisters.
Gabriella and Julia last year at Brady and Meredith's wedding.
yeah! One of me favorite books is coming out with a movie. Thee secret life of bees. I loved this book normally I am not to happy because in the movie everything is very different from how you imagined it to be but hopefully it will inspire people to read the book. It is a fun and easy read oh and it's short too. I don't know how I feel about dakota fanning being in it. Oh wait, I do  I am not very happy at all. I hope the movie is good.