Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mummy hot dogs

For lunch we decided to be creative and make mummy hot dogs. I think they look more like terrorists. This was a pretty unhealthy lunch but, don't worry it was after we Juiced carrots and celery. Maack loves to help. Our juicer is breaking and it is so loud that it almost scars me to put veggies in it because I never know when it is going to die and what will happen next.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008



So some of you know Dan has ADHD he was diagnosed with it when we lived in New Orleans which I truly believe was the reason we went there. We saw this booth at the carnival that we went to and Dan was a good sport and took a fun picture in front of it, hey gotta represent. Dan is taking the DAT in two weeks and we could really use prayers and fasting. Thanks for your support we really do appreciate all of your friendship. 

more Halloween pictures

Or "special" friend Aaron.

Our pumpkins that we carved ten minutes before Halloween started.

The little boy is Hayden and the frankenstein couple are our good friends the Haskett's.

Notice Maack's head being cut off. That's because I wasn't wearing a shirt and my neighbors were coming out side so we had to hurry.


Sienna is my lil' bunny fofo and Maack is speed racer.  Which was perfect since he pretends to drive everywhere we go.

Dan and I dressed up for trunk or treating, I will 
post those soon.

Notice Maack's head being cut off, well I was trying to take a picture of our skelaton friend before a neighbor drove by and saw me in my bra.


This really isn't a very Martha Stewarty kind of picture but it is a Bread Bowl that is dyed orange  to look like a pumpkin, by the time I realized I wanted to take a picture they had all been eaten except for Maack's. We had the Rinta's over for dinner.

I love this Picture of Bonnie and Sienna. Sienna just loves Bonnie. Bonnie and Aaron are expecting their first baby in June and, I think we are a little bit more excited about it than they are. We can't wait for our friends to have babies.

Halloween Carnival

 preschool had a halloween carnivallast week. It was fun. I helped at the cake walk. Maack loved the bounch house it had a slide in it. Our friends came with us to join in th fun. Kayla and Maack did the cake walk and won a cake. Sienna was not dressed up in costume because it was still 95 degrees at five o clock. It was fun to see all of the costumes and just do Halloween stuff.  I love seeing new costume ideas that are creative for next year. I have a few ideas but how do you discourage your child from being what they really want to be even though almost all the other kids are the same thing? Our family had a rule it had to be home made so maybe every other year we will do that but this year with the move it just wasn't happening.I felt really bad for some of the kids that were in polyester costumes. There were gift baskets and raffles for all kinds of prizes, we didn't win anything.
We decided to go to the fair! Ha such a wast of money. I have been wanting to go since we got married and we never have so we went to the Arizona state fair and I wish we hadn't. In Pleasanton we have the county fair and it's pretty fun except for all the carnies and that one year someone got SHOT! I thought this would be the same but it was very different the carnies weren't really the problem it was the other people attending the carnival I swear it was mexican day because we stuck out like terds in a punch bowl. I never took my eyes off of the kids. Maack was under strict  instruction not to touch ANYTHING!  It was so over priced and I will never take my family again but at least Maack got to ride on the ferris wheel with Dan, And I think we all got heat stroke oh the carnival.We left after being there only two hours, oh well you live you learn.

This is such an ockward picture of Maack milking a cow, I should make a file for all of the awkward pictures I have of him.

Here are Dan and Maack in the ferris wheel. I was nervous.


  You know it's funny as soon as I decide to do something like get back in shape and go to the gym I get sick! I am taking everything I can right now to over come this cold that just snuck up on me in the middle of my pilates class today. I just wanted to share this poem I think of it every time I get sick. I had to memorize it in the third grade and my teacher Mrs. Beeson helped me (through bribes of candy) and I finally did it and presented it aloud in the front of the class. 

"Sick" by Shel Silverstein

"I cannot go to school today,"
Said little Peggy Ann McKay.
"I have the measles and the mumps,
A gash, a rash and purple bumps.
My mouth is wet, my throat is dry,
I'm going blind in my right eye.
My tonsils are as big as rocks,
I've counted sixteen chicken pox
And there's one more--that's seventeen,
And don't you think my face looks green?
My leg is cut--my eyes are blue--
It might be instamatic flu.
I cough and sneeze and gasp and choke,
I'm sure that my left leg is broke--
My hip hurts when I move my chin,
My belly button's caving in,
My back is wrenched, my ankle's sprained,
My 'pendix pains each time it rains.
My nose is cold, my toes are numb.
I have a sliver in my thumb.
My neck is stiff, my voice is weak,
I hardly whisper when I speak.
My tongue is filling up my mouth,
I think my hair is falling out.
My elbow's bent, my spine ain't straight,
My temperature is one-o-eight.
My brain is shrunk, I cannot hear,
There is a hole inside my ear.
I have a hangnail, and my heart is--what?
What's that? What's that you say?
You say today is. . .Saturday?
G'bye, I'm going out to play!"