Saturday, January 3, 2009


Hi everyone for Christmas we went to Washington! We weren't sure we would even be able to fly in until that morning because of the weather but, It all worked out and we had a blast with Danny's family. Maack had so much fun with  his cousins. They played from sun up until sun down. 
We had fun playing in the snow we even went over to our family friends the Wilson's and went for a ride on a big piece of rubber that they pulled with their tractor. Maack just kept saying this is the most fun every! He smiled the whole time we were on the ride and I think we were out there for an hour!
 On Christmas morning at 2 a.m. I was woken up by Maack who told me that he pooped in his jammies and that he needed some help.  I went into the bath room and well, lets just say it was bad. Maack had diarrhea and it was everywhere, and I really do mean every where.  Danny and I finished bathing Maack and sanitizing the bathroom about an hour later and we were so tired the next morning. I truly felt like a parent on Christmas morning. Sienna got a ball for Christmas that light up and rolls around so she can chase it. Maack got hooked up this year. We usually only buy him one thing and then he gets two gifts from each set of grandparents but this year I guess we decided to make up for that because he basically got everything he asked for and then some. He is such a spoiled little guy, but he deserves it he is as he like to call him self " AWESOME". 
 Dan's family always does a great job of centering Christmas on the savior and it was so nice to feel the spirit so strongly in their home.  We all had a blast playing in the snow. It was such a fun and busy holiday and it actually went by really fast.  Thanks to Grandpa John and Grandma jojo for having us for Christmas we had a great time. We love you all so much. I hope you all enjoyed  the holidays.