Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dan's Lung Cancer

Here it is Dan's Lung CancerI never thought I would be posting about this but here it is, my husband's lung cancer it's the large mass on the left, his right lung. Needless to say it has been a really crapy month since we found out and Danny has been doing lots of tests to find out if this is the only place in his body that the cancer is and so far so good. It was a very hard decision to decide to go ahead with the procedure to remove his right lung but we feel at peace with our decision. The doctor said that whatever his lung capacity is now will just be cut in half, like if he gets winded running a mile it will be a half mile now. So much for P90X.
There have been many tears and a lot of anger but mostly from me. We are just baffled that he could even get lung cancer. For someone who doesn't smoke and doesn't work with harsh chemicals it's strange and every new doctor we see agrees that it is so odd. We have no idea how he got Lung cancer but here are some of my guesses; helping people remove black mold from their homes in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. Helping with dental assisting in Honduras and in Elsavador or serving a two year mission in Brazil. It's probably none of these things but I just thought it would be fun to list some of the amazing things my husband has done.
I'm living day to day and sometimes hour to hour. I feel like I have been taking this harder than Dan which I feel incredibly guilty about but I hope I can be there for him after my hard time, which I hope will end soon. We have been able to rotate actually it seems like when ever he's down I'm up and vice versa. It has not been easy being pregnant and having to deal with this I hope my baby doesn't come out with horns or spots or something like that.
People have a been really supportive but a ton of people just don't know what to say and have said some really lame things to us. We have both cut back from facebook. Even though it has been a crazy month it will be a learning and growing experience I just hope we can learn what it is that we need to learn from this experience. When we first moved here to Indiana I volunteered to go and help at girls camp, while I was there I asked if I could have a challenging calling from my bishop. I was then called to be the second councilor in the Primary. Little did I know when I asked t be spiritually challenged that in five months my husband would get diagnosed with lung cancer and in his first and hardest semester of dental school and that I would be pregnant. I believe that this has happened for a reason and at this time and that we are in this to learn and be challenged. Somedays it feels like to big of a challenge but, I believe that heavenly Father doesn't give us anything that we can't handle. I am praying that Dan makes it through his midterms and does well on them. It's been really hard for him to concentrate and I don't blame him. Surgery is scheduled for December 13th at 1:30 It's supposed to be a four hour surgery he will be in the hospital for five to ten days. He will make it hope just in time for Christmas, the timing is perfect. Please keep us in your prays. He will then do four rounds of chemo after that. Thank you for your friendship and support. Love The Henricksen's