Monday, May 16, 2011

Sienna turns three!

Sienna turns three

Sienna had a great birthday we decided to take the money we would have used to throw a party and do fun things with it instead which was a lot less stressful for me which is nice for everyone. I took Sienna to build a bear and she picked out her very own bear. It's not what I would have picked but she loves her rainbow bear and she's happy.
Maack has played her many times so he was very helpful to his little sister showing her what to do but never getting in the way or taking over.
Sienna got to put a noise in the bear and it giggles she named him rainbow bear.
She was about to tell me she is now three. I can't believe how fast that went.
We went as a family to chuck E Cheese's.
We let her blow out her candle probably ten times. She had so much fun doing this.

She LOVES kitties so much and that's her nick name from me too so we got a kitty cake for her big day.

We had these amazing chocolate croissants for her birthday breakfast.
Here is Sienna seeing her pink kitchen for the first time.
They had so much fun with this.
She took off her pjs and asked to wear her apron from her Grandma jojo.
Mema sent some McDonald's food and they loved playing with it.
We love Sienna she is such a funny and happy girl she would prefer to eat candy for the rest of her life. She is spunky but cheerful. She loves to tell you she loves you and kiss you. She loves making us laugh and idolizes her big brother Maack. Sienna is such a wonderful joy to have in our family and most days it feel like we are on the Sienna show. We love you squeaker, kitty. Happy Birthday.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

my amazing baby shower

When you walked in the door guests had to guess what they thought girl or boy. We will see soon.

I LOVE my diaper cake and these water bottles have tiny little diapers on them.
Jenna made adorable decorations.

Jenna's idol is Paula Dean so she made the most amazing dishes and it was so wonderful to be pregnant and eat everything I wanted. Thanks Jenna for cooking like it was Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love all the green details.
Brooke made me this amazing and delicious cake, I felt like it was my wedding day thanks Brooke and Christy for all your help on making my shower so wonderful.
Michele and Nicole right before game. Michele had the perfect games celebrity baby names and cartoon characters. She also made these adorable life saver binkies for the baby word game it was a lot of fun. I love that the girls got competitive during the games because the prizes were so great!
Dawn and Kristen made this amazing diaper cake for me thanks girls.
Most of my girlfriends at the shower, thanks girls for making my day so special.
Lacey M. made this amazing blanket for my new surprise bundle of joy. It must have taken her hours and I will love it forever! Thanks Lacey.
Jenna really is a wonderful friend who went way above and beyond being so good to me she didn't skip on any detail, thank you so much Jenna I love you, thanks for all of your time you spent on making me feel so special. I swear this girl didn't sleep for a month.
Breanna and her little guy Sam. I love this picture it makes me so impatient for my baby to get here and it makes me want another little boy, so sweet.
Jenna made sugar cookies as the going away gift and I LOVE sugar cookies!
These are the adorable invites that Jenna made.
Dan took the kids to the zoo and they road the train while I had my baby shower.


When I have a baby I get to pick out a robe and this is the one I'm in love with. found here,