Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Maack turns 7

My Baby boy turned seven! This was back on February 7th but I have been super busy with three kids. 
Grandma and Grandpa Henricksen sent yummy cookies! This was such a fun gift for Maack ,and the family.

 SEVEN YEARS OLD! Maack got a family pancake breakfast with fun shaped pancakes star wars and Mickey mouse and the number 7 on his special plate.

 Dan even stayed to have breakfast with Maack. Dan has school at eight even day so he is usually gone by 7.
 Happy Birthday Big guy.
 Dan enjoying his fatherly duties at Maack's birthday party. Can you tell somebody has been up late framing for finals for two weeks! love ya babe thanks for being a trooper.
 Kiera came in her brothers place and Sienna was thrilled. BFF'S!
 Maack picked bounce spot for his party and he had a blast as you can see. Sorry it's blurry I am trying to get used to my new camera.
 Sweet Sienna

 Maack is all boy and he has officially entered the obnoxious stage of life and I think we will be here for a few years but, I pray it ends soon.
 I love this picture!
 oh my little man is so big. I couldn't be prouder of my sweet guy.

 Here are just a few pictures of Maack as a baby mostly. The day Maack came into our family was the best day of my life. I will never forget the wonderful joy i felt when meeting him. I was over come with  Love and joy and happiness. It felt as if I had waited my whole life to see him. Maack is such a sweet, funny, caring, helpful, kind boy. We could not have asked for a better son.

Super Bowl

The super bowl was forever ago and I had a little super bowl party with all the trimmings because whats a great Game without some good food. We had a blast with our great friends! A special thanks to Mr. Henricksen for helping cut out all of these fun prints and helping set up he's such a good husband.

My girlfriend made this fruit pizza. It was amazing! 
 The kids had a blast eating treats. We all placed our bets before the big game to make it a little more interesting. I only got one picture because  I was busy playing hostess and my house was full! This was towards the end of the night with just Ashley and Rachael left, sorry for leaving anyone out. I guess I'll just have to have a bother party soon.