Monday, August 30, 2010

Bub's burger's

New girl friends
The boys after they were all done with their big ugly burger's.
Carmel cops.
Shirley setting them straight.
Where's the beef?
Three pieces of cheese.
The before shots.

A seven year old girl ate one of these after a soccer game once.
Dan making burger boobies.
Matt trying not to puke.
Happy Birthday Austin 26!
Matt thinking about barfing.
Cute Nicole
almost there

Monday, August 23, 2010


Our trip to Chicago was unforgettable. We had an amazing time celebrating our seven year anniversary, we never go away but this year made an exception and it was worth it. I hope we can go away more often. I had an enchanting time and feel in love all over again with Mr. Henricksen!
The gardens were beautiful and fun.
The city was so interesting .
I loved the Navy Pier!

Seven Blissful years together.

We ate ice cream and walked around the fountain.
The Scarlett O'hara pose was a must. I love this light fixture. Our hotel was beautiful and hip we were meant to find this place and at a discount price.

Dan and his fun facial hair.
I LOVE this couch!

I loved the marble in the bathroom and the wall paper inspired me to do my down stairs powder room in something similar.
This was such a great restaurant, it was the best food I have ever eaten.
The bongo room was another favorite place of ours.

seven years and still going strong.
It was so fun to walk around the city and see the sights and the people there dress so well I loved people watching. We were even able to see a movie we saw inception and loved it. It was so nice to o to a movie and not pay for a sitter so it's twice as much.
Art in the park.

The Blues angels were there all week end and we could watch them fly by from our hotel room window and on the pier it was so fun.
Navy Pier was so fun to walk around on we ate some carmel and cheese popcorn at Garrett's popcorn and it was to die for.

The Museums were beautiful!
My good friend Michele watched our bratty kids for us! Thanks to her I owe Michel big time! I did miss the little turkeys but the end of the trip.
Some of the best pizza ever. They put the cheese on the bottom and then meat or vegetables then sauce and more cheese in a buttery crust! It was amazing.

Office chair

Here is the office chair that I have been searching for for about two years now I think. I have been waiting and looking on craig's list for some one to sell one for really cheap and they have it at overstock .com but it was still 216.99 so I was elated when I found this adorable chair at Tj Maxx for a fraction of the coast.
Miss Sienna enjoying the chair.