Sunday, November 20, 2011

as of late...

Sienna loves doing art projects, she is painting her and loving every minute of it. She is s funny girl she is very very messy but hates being dirty and loves to clean up. She cracks me up. She is always singing she takes after me I guess.These are some of Sienna's friends after school. She looks forward to school every time she goes.
This is an old picture that I never posted right before I went into the hospital to have Scarlett. Life has changed a lot with three but we are so happy in our nest with our new little bird.
Dan took Sienna to the zoo one afternoon to see the new baby elephant! How cute is this picture.
I put sponge curlers in Sienna's hair for Church the next day and cried as soon as I was done. I am so happy to have a daughter and I also feel so old when did this happen!
We had pumpkin pancakes and of course they were shaped like Mickey mouse we can't wait to go to the happiest place on earth Disney World for Christmas!
Dan got to visit his parents in Chicago, they were there for a dental trip so he took them to the Bongo room and they ate this without me, I need to go there soon. Maack is almost never here he goes to school at 8:15 and gets home at 4:25 and we do home work have dinner bath and bed. I miss my boy but he is a t really great school and loves it there. he is learning Spanish and enjoys Art and Reading.
I was nursing Scarlett and Sienna came in and told me she made me a present a neck O lace and ring ears. I started crying she is so thoughtful and caring and loves everything girlie. If we survive three I will really enjoy her next year.
So that a little bit of what's going on here just surviving with three kids and Dental school the second year is a lot harder than the first. wish us luck!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Halloween 2011

Picking out pumpkins

Halloween Halloween strangest night I've ever seen, Halloween Halloween, WHAT will you all be what will you all be? That was the song that our music teacher used to sing to us in elementary school so naturally all of my siblings now sing it the whole month of October. Happy Halloweenie!
We are French Toast.
our neighbor Scott and mom Minta came with us to our ward trunk or treat.
Scarlett the Lion! I love how squishy and fat she was in this costume, rawer.
She sucks on her fingers.
Princess Sienna loved running on stage and singing to every one. Sienna had an adorable Tinker Bell costume with shoes and everything but she saw this costume at the store and begged to put it on and then insisted that she wear the pink princess costume on halloween and at Disney land too. Maybe she will wear the tinker bell costume to Disney World next month we will just have to see. The best part about this princess costume is that it's a size 6 to 9 months, my sisters about died when they saw what size it was, hahaha.
Maack the wolverine and Princess Mini Sienna.
I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween.
I love these two they are so fun. I'm glad they are all mine.
My cousin did my parents make up for Halloween night and they won for the party they went to for best costumes and the walked away with some fun prices too. . I guess I get my love of halloween from my parents. Remember to wear your helmets, even if Utah has a no Helmet law.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

California sisters trip

Abbey and Sienna
Disney Land for the first time with Scarlett and we had a blast.

Sacr scar was tired.

Sienna making the same face as the bug.

Little mermaid ride

California adventure watching the water show.

We went to brunch on Coronado Island with Grandma Nanci and Jen.

Sienna partied hard.

This beauty is my best friend Michelle. I shot over to AZ for the night and two days with the girls and we went to our favorite sushi place and Michelle was brave and tried sashimi and even Nigiri sushi!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

I can't wait to make these with my sister inlaws and mother inlaw and cute Nieces in Florida when we go to Disney world!