Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bridal Shower


I picked up my mom from the air port here in Arizona and she drove the six hour drive with  me and my kids to San Diego. Sienna did really well in the car I only had to stop once to feed her so that was nice, and It was nice to let maack out to play too I think my mom enjoyed stretching her legs as well.  we stopped at a Burger King and I think some people got a little more than fries with there order that day.  I am still trying to learn how to nurse in public. I never had the privilege of enjoying the convenience of nursing out of my home when i was nursing Maack. 

Abbey’s shower was AWESOME abbey’s friend that she nannies for threw her the shower. It was the most fun I have had all year! We played a few different games like make a toilet paper bridal gown and guess the famous brides, twenty questions about Abbey, it was a blast I did get a little

 bit too competitive, I don’t know why I am like that I could care less in high school but now i play for blood even if it’s a card game and I don’t know why. The shower was held at the junior league house which is a historical home in San Diego that is now used by a women's society. The decorations were amazing and the food was delicious.

Abbey scored some great gifts, I hope her and Evan are very happy together I know they will be they are practically the same person. I can’t imagine Abbey with anybody more perfect for her. Congratulations you guys. 


Abbey’s cake was amazing I ate way to much! it was a chocolate cake with White chocolate frosting flakes on it.  It stayed moist for about five days later. Let’s just say I need to run a marathon to lose the 

cake I ate.  

The Baby Whisperer 

My new best friends name is Kristy! She also is responsible for doing my hair and I love it! I will make the six our trip for her to do my hair as often as I can. She held Sienna for me while I was able to sit with Abbey and really enjoy the shower. Sienna needed to nurse but I didn’t want to leave just yet so Kristy saved the day. Thanks to Kristy for making me feel great about my hair now I just need to do some work from the neck down. Thanks Kristy Love you.  

In this picture is Nicole Abbey’s best friend since Kindergarden she works at Google as a pastry chef. She is an awesome baker! I can’t think of a more fun job. In the middle is my sister from another mother my awesome sister in-law Annette. On the right is Kimberly potter Abbey’s employer who has become like family to Abbey she has two little girls Katy and Scotlynn, they are adorable.