Thursday, March 10, 2011


This is for Jenna who didn't know who Adele was when we heard her on the radio the other night. enjoy!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Happy Valentines day

I bought these roses and they made me happy all week aren't they beautiful. I love having flowers in my home.
My adorable sister inlaw Erika and her family sent us a valentines package with sweet sayings on them and fun treats. Tha Earlier my other adorable sister inlaw Annette sent us a really fun Valentines package with decorations treats towels and fun goodies. Thanks girls I love Valentines day.
Maack can't ever just take a normal picture but I guess it's his age.
Never a dull moment here at the Henricksen home.

I had an ob appointment early on Valentines day and my good friend Michele helped watch my kids and take Maack to school. Sienna was being a nightmare because she needed a nap. I meet michele at the store and she was making a really cute valentines meal and decorations for her family and just started putting stuff in my cart. It was just one of those days where i needed to be dragged some where and told what to do some times with everything it's just hard being mom and doing all of these fun mom things for my cute family that deserves it with everything that is going on right now. My little family was over the moon about it and couldn't wait to eat at the fun decorated table. Thank you to my dear friend Michele I will never forget your help during this time. I love you. I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines day.
Each person got two balloons and the kids loved this.
We had heart shaped pizza from papa Murphy's it was delicious.
i made chocolate dipped strawberries.
I LOVE this girl, she wished everyone that she saw that day a happy balemtines day. She can be so stinking cute.
Sienna loved drinking out of these valentines glasses we had Italian sodas and the kids drank them all night good thing they only had sugar free syrup for sale that day.
This hello kitty shirt and a cute valentine's plate is what Sienna got for Valentines day.

best friends

Maack always wipes off kisses no matter who they are from I love giving him a hard time and a bunch of kisses.

I just thought these were adorable! I love that my kids are friends well, most of the time.

Maack's sixth batman birthday party

Happy Birthday Maack!
Maack picked out the batman theme and the cake to go with it.
I love the attitude these two are putting off just before their sugar high kicks in.
Here are Maack's friends at the party, we had a really fun time with everyone.

Sienna's face is priceless she was so scared her. I guess it's good we are waiting a year to go to disney world.
Maack loves mushrooms on his pizza! He was in heaven.
My baby girl and me.
Maack with his friend Mikey.
We bought Maack a bike for his birthday to bad it's snowing still and we had just has a huge ice store which explains why we have stuff in our kitchen that is usually in our garage.
Maack had a wonderful birthday. We love you so much Maack you are such a great son.