Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentines day

This was our Valentine's day card this year since we were so busy with our Disney World trip that I had no time to send out a Christmas card.
Sienna thought a cup cake party in the morning was the best idea ever and asks all the time if we are going to do it again.
Happy Valentine's day love the Henricksen family.
I LOVE this picture of Scarlett.
We love baking treats
Maack looking very excited to eat his cup cake. They were amazing by the way.
This was supposed to be saved for her first birthday but she dove into this cup cake I love how she is smiling with her eyes.
I adore this boy he makes me so happy.
How cute is this father son cup cake time.

frozen yogurt date the table spins for each person to take a turn.
Sienna likes to paint and she is the messiest child I have ever known but, she hates being dirty.
Sienna started gymnastics.
Indian food lunch with mother and daughters.

we celebrated almost the whole month.

happy New Year 2012!

here's to a new wonderful year and a cancer free one at that! Happy New YearWe found a new and excellent sushi place ohhhh it was super good.
down town Indianapolis and some of the Christmas lights.
Fun at the museum
the Children's museum water clock tower
Maack has been learning to play chess at school and was able to play with someone at the museum.

The Children's museum goes all out for New Years and it's is so much fun.
they do a count down during the day for the kids (and tired parents).
Maack and Sienna love to dance maybe because of all the dance parties we have here at the house. They were both on the news and loved seeing them selves on tv.

Happy New Year friends.

Christmas of 2011

Scarlett is our sweet little bunny and she is so snuggly and fun to kiss and hug.
life was getting crazy after our big trip and sick kids so we had Chinese for Christmas eve dinner and I think it's a new tradition. Sienna was being the grinch.
We only got a little bit of snow this year.

this is our ChristmasDanny making our delicious aepleskiers an family tad ion I think it's my favorite.
Danny is always silly, just one of the many reasons I love this man he's always making me laugh.
Sienna had a rough Christmas everything we bough her broke and I am so thankful that my Great Aunt Mary saved the day and bought the kids wonderful gifts she always know exactly what to get them it's her gift.
Barbie time!

Even Scarlett got a few gifts from Santa.
Danny getting some new threads.

Aunt Mary saving the day again.
Sienna's first Victoria secret! just kidding not until she's five.
my present Scarlett is such a butterball I LOVE IT!!
Christmas Morning

Cookie making was so much fun this year.
Mema made play dough and made aprons the kids loved it and i enjoyed fifteen minutes of peace. thanks mom.
baking Christmas treat for friends and neighbors.
oh Sienna I love you so much.