Thursday, February 24, 2011

First twinkies

We took the kids to the Hostess store and let them pick out a treat. We realized that Maack had never had a twinkie before.
Already getting his sugar high.


Brunch at Patachou

Jenna and Lacey FOREVER.
Jenna always knows the best places to eat. Thanks Jenna for taking us.
Amazing food
New Best friends

Hot chocolate mmm

Friday, February 4, 2011


Today is Dan's first day of chemo therapy. He will do an eight hour session this time and then in about a week or so he will go in for one hour. I put this picture up not because I feel like wonder woman but, because I need to be like her. I wish I could be there for him today just sitting and laughing or reading by his side but, since they do radiation in the same building I am not allowed in with my growing baby belly. Today I am a little resentful of my teeny tiny baby. We have no idea how he is going to react to this type of chemo I just hope it kicks his cancers ass. I am still in the one day at a time phase but the thought of having this behind us well I can't even imagine it yet I can only image going back to our old life the way things used to be before the big C. When we used to fight about who will put the kids to bed and take out the trash. Dan will get steroids to help with the nausea. The nurse told him that if he becomes psychotic that he should stop taking them. I have used that word to describe my children at the end of a hectic day but obviously out of context. I had to ask Danny what psychotic actually means. He told me I should probably be worried if he punches me in the pregnancy belly, there was a pause and then we both just erupted laughing. I have faith that we will make it through this better stronger people. That is my hope anyway for now I just feel bruised and tired. I love this man more than I even know and the thought of him not being her well the thought is too great. I just hope that his body can fight off the cancer and be stronger than ever. I LOVE YOU MR. HENRICKSEN! Good luck today Boo.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Today we are stuck inside because of the ice storm so we made Mickey mouse blueberry pan cakes. The kids loved it this wasn't the best picture but I swear I am going to take photography classes soon.
Sienna and her alway static hair.
Can you tell we already have cabin fever.
We got a new blender because ours broke and I am so excited! This blender can do everything. I am going to go use it right now.
This is all of the stuff that was in our garage that I hope we don't have to put back out there. We moved Dan's car into the garage because of the storm. Now I have all day and maybe tomorrow too to find a home for all of these things.

Today I will be making these cuties because out side it looks like this.

It's not to bad school was cancelled for the boys and we are staying in all day and making fun food and valentine's.


Dan learned how to make sushi and he did an amazing job at it! I love sushi and so does he. I am so glad we finally learned how to make it our selves and we can save a ton f money.