Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Moon

Are you getting excited for November 20th?! I am! This is a still shot from the new movie. Alice's eyes are a lot more golden in this picture and that is one difference already. I just hope this movie does the book a little bit better justice than Twilight did. I can't wait.


My sister Karly came home with us from Utah and is staying for the rest of the month and I LOVE having her here with us to play. She is such a big help with the kids and we have had such a fun time hanging out,shopping and going to movies. I don't want her to leave. I don't know how she is handling this heat but, she is doing great.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Our vacation to the bee hive state and a long blog.

This photo was found on cardigan

We had a great fourth of July I flew with the kids to Utah and spent it with my parents and my sister Karly. Dan drove up a few days later to meet us and start our Henricksen world domination family vacation in Idaho.
We meet up with my dear friend Annie and her adorable daughter Vanessa. We went to school together and were pregnant at the same time. It is really fun to stop and see them when we come to Utah.
My mom started a farmers market in her area and it is booming. I am so proud of her it was great to see it. I loved all the different things that you can find there. My parents love to spoil their grand kids and they did a great job at it this time. Maack and my dad went on his four wheeler and were in the local parade. We watch the fire works and even set off a few our selves. My mom made these adorable shirts out of fabric that she made Maack's bedding with! I was really excited that she was so thoughful. My parents have their own petting zoo they have a lama and lots of chickens, goats, cats, bunnies, and I am sure I am missing some random animal but, you get the point. Sienna loved the cats they were so patient with her. I might have to convince Danny to let her have one. Maack loved the farmers market he would do the cake walk all by him self and I played the music for him, when he won (every time) he would go over to his cup cake and take a bit. He is so much fun.
We had some of our relatives over for a bbq and after my mom brought out a cake for Sienna and presents too. They weren't able to come for he birhtday so they through her a little party on the fourth when the family was there it was really fun to see her dive into a cake again. My mom found her a book that is titled that's not my dolly and It is also Sienna nic name that my mom calls her since she always make her doll clothe. My mom made her three adorable dreeses that I will have FOREVER! I love them it means so much to me that she made them for us. Sienna looks adorable in them. My mom is so thoughtful. It was a great trip we had a blast.