Tuesday, May 26, 2009

busy life

I don't think we have even been that busy lately but I just haven't been able to get on here and post as much as I would like to. Here are a few quick up dates. 
Maack gave a talk in primary on Sunday about families and how it is important to listen to the holy ghost. We have been busy swimming and Maack and I are doing school work and he is able to count to 50. 
 I have been busy with work and working out.  I am also settling into my primary calling I teach the Sun beams and it has been crazy and really fun. I am to busy to do this next sprint triathlon that I wanted to do but, I hope to be fully prepared for the next one in September. Danny is considering do it with me too. Christmas came early this year for us we are getting road bikes from Dan's parents! I am SO excited! We always want to go on bike rides as a family and now we can. 
 Sienna is getting so big she stands up on her own and takes two steps but thinks crawling is a lot faster. She is also starting to talk she says ackey for Maack and gank youuu for thank you and ezzz for please.  She loveS saying hi, and mama and dadda. She says babbaaa for bottle and she is just a hoot. I can't wait to see what she is thinking. On second thought I think these are the last days of our semi quiet home. Maack and Sienna have screaming contests and we are trying to get them to stop because she is turning into a total screamer.
 Dan is busy with work like always and is getting all of his paper work in order for the next round of dental school applications. So that is a little bit about what is going on in our busy lives. 

17 again

I went to see seventeen again last night and it was so fun.I went with my girlfriend Kassie. I thought the movie was pretty cute. Dan and I try not to see to many movies because it gets so expensive. I haven't been to see a chick flick in a while well, not since Twilight and it was fun to just have a girls night out. Thanks Kassie for taking me!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


I competed in my first Triathlon. It was at Tempe town lake. It got really sun burnt. I had a blast. I went with some really great women and we had a blast. I thought it was funny that I am not looking at the camera in any of these pictures.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Miss Sienna is 1!

My baby girl turned one on May fifth. Most of my friends are sad on this day when their baby is no longer a baby but that is not the case for Danny and I. We feel like we just got our baby today, we aren't big fans of babies. I just love Sienna's funny goofy personality.
 I took the kids to toys r us which is becoming a tradition now. We had a great family breakfast. We had some close friends over for her party. It was a blast. We opened presents and watched Sienna dive into her cake.
 She got some fun presents. It's nice to have some girlie things for her to play with in stead of cars  and transformers. Danny got her a turtle doll from the Disney store and when she saw it she recognized it right away. I made her a tutu it was really fun to make and I spray painted little silver sparkles all over it. Grandma Jo jo got her two dolls and one was from Costa Rica and it is so cute. it has two women and one is hiding under the skirt. She got some cute clothes and Cinderella legos, A baby toy that has fun balls that jump in the air and swirl around. We really do have a great group of friends here. I love them all.
I love the hapiness that Sienna brings in to our home. Sienna dances every time she hears music. I think it is adorable. She LOVES Maack and playing with him. She squeals when Danny comes home. She loves being in the water. She loves reading book.  She has always growled ever since we brought her home from the hospital. Sienna is a champ and going up and down the stairs. She is a light eater like her brother. She claps when you say yeah and she waves this dainty little wave when you say high and she responds by shay diiiigh which is here hi. I just love that I am able to have this sweet and extremely happy little girl in my life. I can't wait for her to grow up and be one of my best friends. 

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mesa Temple

The other night Danny and I were able to attend the temple. It was so nice to finally be able to go.We don't go as often as we would like with our schedules being so hectic and our kids being crazy at night time. we don't feel like it is really nice to make anyone watch them. We MADE time to go this week and I feel so great having done this.  We were never able to go to the temple when we lived in New Orleans and it has always bothered me. I just felt like something bad could happen to my kids and I would have no way of getting notified and getting to them on time. Then my girl friend Brooke said to me isn't that the whole point to have faith that Heavenly Father will watch over them while you go and do service. She was so right and that was a great comfort to me. I just picture my Grandma Gladys and Grandma Vera here with my kids as we left them with the babysitter.  I know I am so crazy. I am truly grateful for having a temple near by and soon enough we will have one even closer to us just about two miles from where we live. It was so nice to attend the temple with you Danny thanks for taking me.

family day trip to Scottsdale.da

Usually on saturday Dan has to work so we have to be with out our great guy. I miss him a lot. I never want to go out and endure the crowds with out him. I just feel robbed of my fun day.  So this past week Danny took of Tuesday and we all went out as a family and had a great "adventure " as Maack would put it and it really did turn out to be a n adventure. We first went to brunch at T.C. Eggington's my favorite and affordable breakfast place. They have fun and unique items on their menu and the best french toast I have ever had! I love how eveyone that works there is dressed up like the cast from saved by the bell.

After brunch we drove to Scottsdale which was a lot closer that I thought. We drove a round a little bit and looked at stores and other fun things. We actually found a consignment store and got the kids some cute clothes. I got Sienna these really cute shoes from see Kia run that I would have never been able to afford other wise. Maack saw a fountain and wanted to make a wish, so I gave him some pennies. He told me he wished for a rocket and a motor cycle. I told him that those things coast A LOT of money and he turned around and almost dove in head first to get this money back! He is such a character. 
We had fun at the mall they had this really cool peanut butter store with all different kinds of peanut butter like curry and raspberry white chocolate peanut butter! I thought it was really creative.  Candice you would have loved it!
 Danny handed Sienna this turtle in the Disney store and she started hugging it right away She just loved it.
 They have a really cool play place a this mall and we had quite the scare from Maack he decided to jump eight feet of of a pirate ship and then landed on the floor like a sack of potatoes! It took me  a second to realize what had happened. He was fine and said "hey guys my bones hurt." He limped the rest of the day but was fine. It was just to close to Sienna's accident for me so I was not very happy.

I loved going into all of the great stores Danny LOVED the Hugo Boss store, he always swears that some day he will have his entire wardrobe from hugo Boss. He tried on a suit and looked super hunky in it. 
We were so tired by the end of our "adventure" I found a forever love accessories store and scored on some much needed necklaces and belts for really cheap. It was so much fun to be able to go out with the whole family and not have to worry about time.  We ended our sugar high day with Sprinkles cupcakes and milk. Thanks for taking a break with us Danny we love you so much! It was the perfect day.

Family Night!

A few night a go Danny got off work early and we went out to dinner and to the mall. The kids loved playing at the play place. The boys were nice enough to let me do a little shopping first. We ate at Firebirds and it was amazing!  I have wanted to go there for a while now so  we are counting it as my mother's day dinner. (thanks babe).It reminded me a lot of Sundance. The food was sooooo  good. I highly recommend it. Just not at seven o' clock when your kids should be in bed. Maack wanted me to take his picture in front of the fire place I thought that was so cute! I love the pictures of Sienna where she looks like she is being cut off and is yelling at someone.

birthday parties

Last Saturday Maack went to two birthday parties and had so much fun. First was Kayla's birthday she had a pony party. I t was really fun and so cute. Then Tyler had an Indiana Jones party and maack had a blast. He came home covered in green frosting and you can see why on the picture. Sienna is getting so big and I just wanted to post some new pictures of her too.