Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Wedding

I loved her dress, I thought the train should have been longer though. I got up before 5 a.m. with a cold and pregnant and watched this amazing event with my sister Abbey, Yes I cried. Even though i have been married for almost eight years and have three 2.5 kids I some how feel like I let my mom down a little bit for not marrying the prince. sorry mom.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The dr. called me the other day while I was at the gym and said we got your test results back and they weren't normal can you come in? That is such a scary thing to hear. I dropped my kids off with my girl friend and went straight there. It was a really long 30 minute drive. I got in to see my dr. and he told me I have something that is called CMV. I had no idea what he was talking about. He told me most people get it like the flu or chicken pox and have subtle symptoms and it can affect others more strongly but, that it can be dangerous during pregnancy. I was still listening and then he said the words stillborn and congenital heart failure and then I stopped listening after that only dogs and cats could hear me. It has been a hard week with Dan's chemo and school tests. Maack got punched in the face on the bus and Sienna had to go to the dr.'s for a bladder infection not to mention I was in the hospital for tests because I thought I had a really bad case of the flu. I just want to lock the doors and not let any of my family leave right now.
We went in for the high risk ultra sound this morning at 7:30 and after going to the wrong hospital and then to another and having to wait forever we had our ultra sound and everything looks okay I am measuring three weeks ahead of schedule so we will see about that. I'm relieved about the ultra sound but we still don't really know if anything is going to be wrong or not but so far it looks good and we have faith that things will work out. When the baby is born we will check to see if it is deaf. I guess it's a good thing my major was deaf education. Dan missed his early morning chemo appointment but was able to get in at a later time. It just feels like it's not our year. After today we will wait three more weeks and then Dan will be scanned to see if the chemo got the cancer or if it has spread so that's coming up and I'm not looking forward to it. Then he have finals and then a new baby. I guess it will at least keep us busy which is great but man I'm so drained I know I'm going to look back on this and just think oh my goodness that was crazy, how did I do it. I know I'm not alone. Everyday someone is with me helping me get out of bed or do the dishes or just breath. and I am so grateful for my Heavenly Fathers love and support during this time. I am so grateful for the gift of the holly ghost in my life. It has been such a help to know that my family is sealed together forever and that this time here on earth is short. I am so lucky to be married to a man that can have his face bitten off and then come and hug me and help with chores when he doesn't feel good either. I am such a luck woman. I LOVE you Danny!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hoppy Easter

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter egg hunt

Candy time
almost 33 weeks.
Sienna never looks

Random things

This baby has really big lips and I can not wait to kiss them!
Sienna has been potty training so she got a doll and she calls her her pet. To hear Sienna sing the little Mermaid song is one of my favorite things of all time along with this picture. I love having kids.
We made smoothies on morning.
I think the expression on my face tells you just how I am feeling.
Danny and I at his chemo treatment.
Dan had a fundraiser thrown for him it was so nice to see everyone come out and support him.

Sienna and I on a hot day eating strawberry ice cream.
I realize this bedding is super ghetto looking but I had to post this picture. Sienna snuck into Maack's bed to snuggle with him.

Mouse ears.

Baby Macy's party

My best friend Jenna had an adorable first birthday bee themed party for her daughter and It turned out adorable. I love be's it was so cute.
Gorgeous Jenna and her sexy new bangs,p.s. that cake was amazing!
beautiful baby Macy she is one of the best little girls ever!
Sienna is ready for Piano lessons I guess.
She loved it.

baby showers

Amber's baby shower hosted by Lacey Merkley.
Here is our famous group shot at the shower minus a few girls. I love that Sienna jumped in there too.
Amber and I are about a month apart and I am totally bigger ugh! You look great Amber pregnancy loves you.
Sienna and Jenna.
Pink Peepes
Heather Hess had her baby shower thrown by Dawn Jenks and Kristen Gillespie and it was beautiful they did a great job!
I love the details that went into this shower so cute and yummy.
Heather was lucky enough to go into labor this same day. My shower is next weekend just saying.
Fun diaper cake it looks beautiful. I love girlie things like this.
All the ladies. Pregnant one's in the back not pregnant ones up front.
I can't help it I love taking a picture of our bellies every time we are together Amber is having a girl I hope I do too and they can be great friends.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Chick fil a family night

Maack got snakes and Sienna got hello kitty. I love chick fil a family night.
Sienna loves spider man and can't decide between a spiderman cake for her birthday or a kitty one.


It was just last year that we found out we would be moving to good old Indiana. So naturally I began blog stocking people who lived here to see who lives here and the fun things there are to do. I'm not sure if this is entirely normal but whatever.So if you are coming here top Indiana and are kind of freaked out about picking out a house on the internet and moving to the midwest please feel free to contact me and I will help give you as much info as you would like. We can't wait to meet next years new batch of dental students. I can't believe how fast this year has gone by.


Sienna and I went to visit with Dan while he was doing his chemo. I am very glad for modern medicine but man I can't wait for chemo to be done!
Sienna's new thing is winking.

Jungle Jim's the BIGGEST grocery store

They won an award for their bathrooms it looks like you are going into a port a potty and then you go into this huge bathroom it's actually kind of weird for a second.
They have cheeses from all over the world.
This ugli fruit tasted like and orange and a tangerine mixed it was really yummy.
Maack and his love for Mushrooms.
This was an actual boat with the general mills characters singing on it the kids loved this.
The produce was exotic and amazing like a farmer's market I wish we lived closer.
We had so much fun showing the kids strange fruits and vegetable from all over the world that we had never even heard of before.

Dan loved finding things from Brazil and equator and honduras and showing us.

The colors were so vibrant and this produce has traveled a long way to get there.
This was the biggest lobster any one of us has ever seen Maack wasn't so excited about it as you can see.
I think they weighed more than Sienna. This store also has it's own hatchery.
There were people all over the store selling their own family recipes which was really fun. We spent probably four hours there that day and could have stayed longer we had so much fun walking around and seeing what all the different countries had to offer. If you come to Indiana this is a must place to go and visit.

Dan and Sienna really bonded this trip here she is trying to eat her hello kitty marsh mellow treat. Lunch was also amazing they had a great deli with some of the best clam chowder that I have had since We went to Monterey bay in California.