Sunday, August 28, 2011


Scarlett is such a happy girl, we just love our little bunny. Sienna is getting so big she has changed since Maack started going to school and I am really enjoying her again.
this picture is a little blurry but it was too cute not to post.

My silly girl.
Kitty and Bunny

Sienna loves to help with watering.

First day of school

This is from Maack's first day of school he now goes to school all day. He loves it and loves riding the bus too. They feed him breakfast and lunch there which is great since meal time is a bit of a struggle in our house. I can't believe how big Maack is getting he can get dressed and brush this teeth and do his hair all by himself. Sienna dressed herself and got her back pack ready too the night before for Maack's school she really wanted to go with him. Here are all the neighbor hood kids lined up ready for the bus.
Maack ready for breakfast


When I was growing up my mom dress my sisters and I alike until it was way not cool to be dressing alike any more I finally said stop when I was in middle school. I am so glad to be able to start dressing my girls alike and having Maack match too. Thank you so much to our wonderful Auntie Andrea for these adorable outfits! I squealed with delight when I opened them up.

up date

The kids and Dan found a frog and we had so much fun with it. Can you tell she is tired.
Baby girl Scarlett
The kids and the parents enjoyed seeing all of the animals at the fair.
The fair

Entertaining our selves with friends over.
I found these shoes and they were a steal!
I got my hair done
Maack learning about dinosaurs

My baby is a mouth breather and it's so cute!
We went to the Colt's game with the Merkley's and so much fun! I hope we can go often.
Scarlett was two months old.
Shirley and Amber's Birthday's at the cheese cake factory.

Our last trip to the children's museum.
We tried this and it was disgusting and amazing all at the same time. It was also the final straw before our diets.