Monday, July 21, 2008

two months

 Sienna turned two months old on Monday and I can’t believe that she is getting so big.  As some of you know Danny and I are not big fans of little babies. I am very excited for her to be three months old then she can start to sleep through the night hopefully. I love four months old too because then they start to start to do things besides eat and poop.  She makes the cutes sigh after she sneezes. She love Danny and will look in his direction any time he talks and she always smiles when he gets home. When she is tired she just wants to be put to bed. She loves taking baths just like her brother. She is a really great baby. She has a sweet personality I can’t wait to see how she turns out. Having her in our home has really helped bring the spirit even stronger into our home, It’s so nice to have another member of our family here, and another girl in the house is pretty fun for me too.  I think she is looking more and more like Danny every day. I am so glad that We named her Sienna I am in love with her name I just hope it doesn’t become popular. 


  Sometimes on Sundays Danny has to work so I get to take the kids to church and that can be hard when you have to nurse a small baby and you have only had four hours of sleep. But I am hoping for extra blessing when I have to play single parent.    

  In a ward that has four nurseries and three hundred primary kids the halls are a little crazy in between classes. It becomes even more difficult to have a baby with a car seat and diaper bag plus a three year old that is very anxious to get to his class. We miss your dad when he is not able to come to church with us because his job is so crazy busy.  Thanks for working so hard babe you are the best husband a girl could ask for. We love you! 


Monday, July 7, 2008

Fish tale

                                               A FISH TALE

                                                        The fish was this big!
  Uncle Evan took Maack fishing and saved me for the day. Maack really needed to go and have a good time and we all needed  a little break from Maack as well. Evan took Maack out to the ocean in his kayak. They has a blast. Just as they were finishing up Maack got a bit so Evan helped him reel it is and they were a little surprise to see what was on the other end of the line. It was a ten pound halibut! Evan pulled it into the kayak and there wasn’t much room left over I guess Maack was a little freaked out by a huge fish the size of him flapping around in his lap. I don’t think I would have been as cool if I had a fish the size of me in a kayak. 

My mom kept taking pictures of the boys before their trip out to the ocean. Evan was getting a little tired of doing the posing for pictures thing so he told Maack to do a tough picture which is the picture on the right Maack made a really cute hand gesture of what he thinks tough guys do, I thought it was hilarious.  Evan will make a great dad some day and I can see him making this a regular Saturday activity with his kids.                               

yummy sushi