Friday, July 20, 2012

catch up

 I have not blogged in ages I'm sorry but, since no one reads this and it's for my kids one day oh well.
 Sienna at chick fil a night getting her butterfly on.
 Mr. Henricksen took me out to the Valentine's dinner and dance. I LOVE dancing and so does he. We had such a fun time! Thanks for taking me babe. I had a wonderful time.
 I took Sienna to the canal on a pic nic one day we had fun feeding the ducks.
 this picture is super blurry sorry about that, it's just too cute of Scarlett not to post.
 I hang out with these two goofballs often. We went on a girls day trip to the zoo.
 Sienna said the prayer in Primary for the first time. It was so fun! She asked to have her hair curled in sponge curlers the night before and she said the prayer at dinner and bed time to practice for a whole week. I love this girl so much she has a sweet spirit and she is so spunky.
 Sienna is doing yoga at her school. She loves doing yoga we do it here at home.
 these are some of Sienna's friends these girls crack me up. I love going to lunch with them and just listening to them talk.
 Sorry again for the bad picture but I had to post this of Sienna. she was roller skating in the kitchen all morning and then she just took a nap right here I think she got tired of falling.
 Scarlett went in a swing for the first time, when we went to the park with some friends in the ward and I thought scarlett would be old enough to try the swings for the first time. She is such a wonderful baby she is always happy and laughing and most of all she is super sweet she is always giving hugs and kisses to everyone.

 Sienna is learning lots of things at her school and she is learning to write her name! I am so proud of her.
 Dr. Seuss's Birthday celebration i wish I would have awaken more pictures of what we did we read book and made treats.
 Sienna's french braids. It was my first time doing her hair like this. I have waited years to do this. I used to practice on my dolls and now I have my own life size doll. Sienna's nickname is Doll for those of you who don't know.
 It was my Birthday I had the whole day to myself with Danny we had a friend Michele watch the kids all day. We went shopping and to brunch with friends and more shopping and then movie. We ended the night eating at the best sushi place and we had a blast with friends and excellent food.
 we like to have FHE in our back yard making tin foil dinners and making s' mores. Maack is a true camper like his daddy.
These are my three water bugs they love bath time, it's the best time of the day.