Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Easter

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

beach romper

I found this cute romper at Charlotte ruse and I am going to wear it as a swimsuit cover up.


How blond am I! This morning I was having bad allergies so I went to take Claritin and took two benadryl. I am drooling as I write this so I am soon off to bed. Thanks goodness my girlfriend Brook is able to pick up Maack from preschool. I am so dumb but. I guess if you are so tired that you would take the wrong medicine then maybe I should stay home and nap anyway.

Who What Wear

Just a few styling tips for spring. I love who what wear. Check it out.

moving announcements

I love these announcements you can find them here

I found this website and I am loving these fun birth and moving announcements. They have adorable ideas and great designs.

Monday, March 22, 2010

bright Pink Lipstick

I wore mine to church on Sunday. It was fun to play up my lips since I almost always stick to gloss. It's a fun trend for spring. Try MAC Chatter box.


My kids will eat this for every meal if I let them.
Who doesn't love Costco? I love these in the morning on my way to the gym. I actually have a different brand but they are next to these and with 30 grams of protein it fills you up for a long time.
I just bough Agave Nectar and I am excited to start cooking and baking with it.
I love Crystal light it saves me when I am not in the mood to drink anything. I love the regular lemon aid flavor.

Happy birthday Relief society

I belong to the world's largest women's organization established on March 17th 1842. Organized by Joseph Smith.

Happy 28th Birthday to me

I love my girl friends even the ones that were on spring break. Thanks girls for making my birthday so much fun. I love you all.We all wore matching sock and went bowling. We had a so much fun laughing and being goofy.

bowling babes

Kassie and I
Thank goodness I am not pregnant or nursing right now.Michelle and meJanece and IBrooke made me this barbie cake! She is so talented the sash has a 28 on it.

She has a Coach purse too.

Brooke and I. I love you Brooke I am sure I drive you crazy but you love me anyway.

Michelle and her gorgeous hair. All the boys liked it.

Brooke had some crazy bowling moves.

Michelle got me this huge H for my new house! Angie I didn't have a picture of the two of us sorry hun.
Brooke and me

Audra's so much fun.
mom and me
Michelle attracted all the guys with her fun dance moves. She really knows how to shake her money maker ;)

We went to a ward activity at a gym. We had so much fun there.