Monday, November 9, 2009

play group halloween party

It was our turn to host play group for Halloween. I loved it because it's my favorite holiday. It was fun to have the boys all dressed up and playing with their costumes on. We made mummy hot dogs and played games. It was hilarious to see everyone eating doughnuts on a string, obviously Sienna was a hoot. She was screaming please!!!! When she finally got her turn she at the whole thing in under a minute and she wouldn't let go of the string, like mother like daughter i guess, poor girl.

my kids are adorable!

I know I'm being boastful but, aren't they cute. Sienna wears those skates everywhere she's like Tutie from facts of life. I love it. She is so funny. Maack has now gotten into the habit of putting bunny ears on every one, I can remember when I used to do that same thing.

Nursery time

Little miss Sienna is a big girl today. She went to Nursery today for the first time. I heard she did really well and I was so busy teaching my class and doing sharing time that I wasn't able to check on my baby. Dan said he peeked in and she was singing in her chair and having a blast. They went on a walk and she picked a flower and said flower for the first time, oh my baby.

Halloween halloween halloween

We were super busy this Halloween we had school parties and trunk or treating and a play group party. It was a very busy but fun halloween I was dressed up as a roller derby girl from whip it with my friend Taylor. We only had an hour to get ready maybe next year I will plan something fun in advance. Dan went as a blind referee he wore sun glasses and had a blind stick too. I didn't take a picture of him because I was on roller skates and forgot, sorry bud love you.

Maack and Elle

Maack's adorable friend Elle came over to play at our house and she brought a fun craft for her and Maack to do. I love Maack's intense focus as he puts together his scull candy necklace. Thanks again Elle you are too cute.

pumpkin patch

Our pumpkin patch was really fun a bunch of girls from the ward went and it was really hot. I think I'm still surprised every year that we are sweating instead of being cold at the pumpkin patch.


These are the boys that Maack plays with every Friday in his play group and he looks forward to Friday all week long. He loves playing with these cute little guys and often refers to them as "my boys".


Thanks you Opra and Payless for the 50% off shoes. I found out about the sale and was able to go two ours before the sale ended. I went with my too cute friend Kassie, she was a big help. I hope you were all able to go to the sale.