Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Kelly's Birthday

My darling friend Kelly had her birthday this week so we all went out to celebrate. We saw Julie and Julia and then went to the cheese cake factory. I love all my girls and going out for girls night is always fun. Who could ask for better girlfriends.


I have waited a long time to write this post. We got into dental school! I am going to try to write this with out crying but it's going to be hard. I feel so blessed and I am so thankful that we endured our trial. I can't wait for Dan to be able to have a chance to stay at the library all hours and work so hard for his dream. I am so thankful that someone finally gave us a chance to better our lives. I can't wait to meet the wonderful new friends that we will bond with in Indiana. I have never had friends like the girls that I have meet here in Arizona and I am so grateful for being able to have them in my life these last few years. I love my husband and this was such a hardship to endure and I am so glad it is finally over and I can now stop complaining about this to everyone I know. I want to thanks all of you who have listened to me complain about dental school over the years. I am so proud of you Dan way to go! I can't wait to see you in dental school and so happy to work hard for it. I love you Dr. Henricksen! Congratulations!!!

I bought these candles when we lived in Utah and I was really excited to use them. Anyone who knows anything about Indiana feel free to share.

up date

I just thought this picture was so funny of Maack and Sienna in the bath tub. Maack tripped at Abbey's house and got a black eye. I quickly realized you can not discipline your child in public when they have a black eye with out people thinking they need to call C.P.S. Maack got away with a lot when we were in San Diego over Thanksgiving. Dan went on a service trip to El Salvador with his parents. They helped prepare the missionaries there for their missions. He was very busy and loved the experience. You will have to ask him about it. We had a fun Thanksgiving in San Diego with my sister and brother inlaw and his mom Bonie and Grandma Nancy. It was nice to come home and be with Danny again. I am really Thankful for this holiday and the opportunity it gives us to stop and be thankful for all we have.