Thursday, April 24, 2008

Kayla's Birthday

 We were invited to a birthday party for a friend of Maack’s, named Kayla. Since it is so hot already here the party was at 9:30, which was great for us because Maack has been getting up lately at 6:30 and there is never anything open until 10:00. It was nice to have the morning taken care of, entertainment wise for Maack. Even though it wasn’t to hot that day I was still sweating the whole time. We all ate breakfast and played games. Dan made some new friends and had a great time too. It was just so nice to have something to do to kill time until the baby gets here. I feel like the hours are so long right now. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Recently Maack started potty training. I could not decide which method to use so I decided to go with them all; charts, stickers, candy, prizes, I on,y wanted to do this one time.
 I wish some one would have warned me not to start right before the busy holiday season with tall the traveling we would be doing. Maack was great he held it the whole car ride until we got to a bath room of course. We drove to Utah for Christmas which was thirteen hours! It is definitely a work in progress but at least he isn't pooping in his diapers any more and that is such a relief since i am pregnant and I don't want to ever have to change two butts! Other than that it's going great It's just like having a puppy hehehe.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

babay shower

 BABY SHOWER The girls in my ward had a shower for me this last Saturday and it was so much fun. My sister Abbey was able to come down from San Diego. We had a blast.  The girls did such a nice job decorating and making really nice food. I haven’t been thinking to much about having a baby so I don’t become to anxious, and this pregnancy suddenly becomes twice as long. I can’t wait now! I have a month left and I am so excited, now that I got all of these really cute girl clothes to dress her up in it will be so much fun to have a little doll of my own to  put church dresses on. I can’t wait for my little girl to get here! Thanks to all who sent me nice gifts.
           TONS of great gifts thank you so much girls.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


 Abbey and Maack 
Train ride that we waited forever for! 
I wanted to kill some time so I decided to take Maack and go to San Diego to visit my sister. We had a blast I had a ton of fun helping Abbey with wedding dress shopping since she is getting married in August! We went to the zoo and the animal kingdom both were really fun and we even went to the beach! Maack Loves the beach.
 hot air balloon

Saturday, April 5, 2008


 We had so much fun just running around to see all the animals before they all hid from the hot day light. Believe it or not I thought that the reptile house was the coolest thing there. Maack LOVED the hippos, He would yell every time they would come up for air. He was so excited about it. Abbey helped so much with pushing the stroller and I made it up the  hill, fewww Maack and  Mom 

Friday, April 4, 2008

Let's go Fly a Kite

 We Got Maack a kite from costco it was only ten dollars so we were a little worried about the quality but since it was from costco we figured it should be a good Kite. It was a great day to fly a kite Dan and Maack had a blast flying it high in the sky and it is still in great condition

 I am actually now 34 weeks but at the time that I took this picture I was 33. I hate how my due date is uncertain . Maack was ten days early (thank goodness)  But I still don’t know when she will get here it could be five or six more weeks or anytime earlier than that I guess too. I just don’t like the unknown. I am doing a lot better this time I am not dying to get her out of there. Even though my four or five bathroom trips are annoying every night, I can still go back to sleep. I am not looking forward to loosing it for the next year. 

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Renaissance (of) Fair Nerds

In days of olde when knights were bolde and nerds were not invented. You'd go to the fair and while you were there a turkey leg you ingested. -DH-

That's right we went to a Renaissance Fair!
and we had a ton of fun. Take THAT 21st century. Wenches, maidens, nights and gentry abounded. Interestingly enough there were also plenty of Jack Sparrows and Elves during the medieval period, guess I need to go bad to history class. Needless to say Maack had a lot of fun. As you can see he had no problem going on the bungee bounce trampoline yelling "higher!" and "flip me!" After that we went to watch the nights jousting which Maack did not enjoy as much. After Maack and Dad got to enjoy an elephant ride! Sooooo fun!