Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Joy Folie

I just came across these adorably sweet shoes and I wanted to share. When I was growing up I would find something amazing that I loved and I would show it to my mom. We would be in Berkley shopping and it would be one of those one of a kind things and I would show it to my mom and she would almost always say "oh I can make that", It drove me nuts and now I do it! My sister knows what I am talking about and even though I don't think that I can make these adorable shoes I bet my mom could! ugh I can't believe I do it too now. Mom if you are reading this and I have a my baby # 3 ends up being a girl I would like a pair, pretty pretty please.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Country strong

Okay so I pretty much hate country music but I went to see this with my girlfriend anyway. I liked it, it was pretty good. I have heard the story was based on Brittany Spear's life/breakdown.
This was such a cute scene.

I love the big country hair!
I might have a small crush.

I loved him in Tron.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

WE went to Mama Carolla's for Italian food for our girls night out and It was amazing! It was the best Italian food that I have ever had.
The Bruschetta was to die for.
We went out to dinner for our friend Bryan's birthday. We went to Texas road house.
I love my baby girl.
Handsome boys,nice food Maack.
Jenna and I am mama Corolla's
Ladies night out.

Best Pizza of my life!I love this fry sauceBread pudding in white chocolate sauce with raspberries.
Baby shower time!We got together for Breanna's baby shower. She is due in February with a boy! Her are some of the dental school wives here in Indianapolis. Four of us are expecting in the spring/summer.

More pictures of Abbey's visit

Sienna loves her aunt karlabbey. She would tease Abbey and call her Karly. They have their own language now.
The kids helping to paint.
Sienna loving her new room,it's PINK!

right now


I'm eating this.I wish I was eating this!
I wish I could sell this on craig'slist.
If my mom saw this pillow she would buy it for me.
I love this for Sienna's room that is taking forever to finish!
Want these boots.

I wish I could stay in all day and watch Anne of Green Gables.
I LOVE this for Sienna's door it's gorgeous.
True, well almost.

Abbey comes to visit

My sister Abbey braved the cold and flew out here to visit us. We have so much fun when we are together we are almost always thinking the same thing and just laughing.

We did lots of fun things while she was here; we shopped, decorated Sienna's room,went for a ten mile run [well,Abbey did I just walked mostly] We went to the children's museum and ate really yummy food! We love having Abbey here to visit. I love that she loves my kids as if they were her own and I love sharing that with her when she visits.

Sienna loved punching the ticket for the train ride at the children's museum, It is so fun to visit. The children's museum is a favorite place of ours to take our friends and family when they come to visit us. The museum is the biggest Children's museum in the world and I will miss it when we move.

There is amazing are to sit and look at and the kids can make their own creations too.

The BARBIE exhibit! I died when we first came here and I saw this place an entire Barbie area and they have a cat walk and music playing and of course I dressed up and did my hair and Dan took pictures of my being awesome. It was now Abbey's turn. Maack and Sienna love taking pictures and using the turn tables.

Sienna loved doing Barbie's hair.

Abbey loved showing her how! 2003 FHS best hair winner after all.

Abbey kills me I am always in stitches after hanging out with her! She is so much fun I think she is always on a sugar high so that helps. We miss you Abbey come back soon.