Monday, June 28, 2010

Creepy yet awesome

I love the panda bear. Apparently this is the new trend in China.

body bag

I'm going to camp and I move a lot when I sleep so maybe I should buy one of these.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Things we have been up to.

Our neighbors gave us this swing set! The kids love it. I don't love pushing them three hours a day but I am sure I will be begging them to play with it soon enough.
Some friends asked for pictures of my house but I don't want to post anything before I paint and get everything into it's spot so here is a corner for now.
Yeah Indiana!
Some days we are just surviving. The time change has been hard on us all and with the thunder and lightning shows and the sun not setting until 9:30! It's a late night house here.
Sienna wanted to get into this crib at the store and pretend she was a baby which I don't mind because it's the only time besides story time that she let's me snuggle or help her with anything, she is very independent. KARMA

The Indianapolis Children's museum

The Museum is another place that you will find me in this next year. It is located down town and only ten minutes from our home. It has FIVE stories and I love it and know it will be one of the things I miss the most when we move so while I am here i plan on spending as much time as possible here.
Future designer.

Maack took pictures and he got to dj too, all while I walked the catwalk in bridal barbie dress and scrunchy. There's video.
Blown glass and they have a star wars exhibit with the costumes from the movies.
They also have a planetarium and we got to watch two movies about stars.
The kids loved the dinosaur part and got to dig for bones. We got to watch people clean real dinosaur bones! It was such a cool day and I am not even listing the other half of stuff that they offer.

The Indianapolis zoo

We got zoo passes for the zoo! I am so excited to have this! We had passes in New Orleans and we went every week. I am thrilled to have something to do with the kids while Danny is gone at school.
Thanks mom and Dad H.They have a shark tank that you can pet the sharks, Maack's favorite.
Sienna loved seeing the penguins swim under the floor.
The dolphin show was amazing and huge it was really fun.

These were out front and the kids wanted their pictures taken with them. I want them as book ends in my home:)
Sienna had to do it herself (of course) so here I am trying not to lose it in front of my inlaws. By the way this is even before we went into the zoo, I was really tired! My mom will probably buy me a back brace after seeing this picture, sorry mom.
This guy sat in front of us at the dolphin show and Sienna kicked him the whole time. There wasn't a lot of room, poor guy.

Dan is such a good dad he took Sienna and Maack into the crowd of people to touch the elephant.

The Lobster

Maack's preschool went on a field trip to the grocery store. He was so excited to pet a live lobster. Sienna was very excited when they pulled out "Lorenzo the Lobster" she was screaming with excitement and jumping up and down. Then it came time for the group to move onto the dairy section but, Sienna didn't want to go. So Dan crouched down beside her and said "Those are lobsters they live in the ocean and we eat them, Lobsters are food". Then I took this picture of Sienna.

These were the best doughnuts ever! Who knew grocery stores had the best doughnuts. Kelly you win.
Sienna has a big personality.
She got a new stroller for her birthday and it seats two dolls. She is wearing her hello kitty back pack and heels!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

summer time and the livin' is easy

I lived in my swim suit as a little kid. My sister and I even wore them to church under our dress just in case we needed to swim home we were ready! I love bathing suit season (in the privacy of my own back yard.)